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11 days ago

It almost seems as if I have been taken prisoner by the garden police!

I did start a new quilt project about a week ago, but once the weather decided to remain warm and springy, it was time to start the planting.

In my early days, I turned a good bit of our property to gardens which I pretty much looked after myself. DH is not a gardener. The back yard beds are mainly perennials but they do need weeding and thinning.

The front gardens are, along with tulips and daffodils in the spring, planted with annuals. So this last week, I have been playing Farmer Jane. Oh my aching knees and back!!

It might just be time to hire out. Upside is that I get some fresh air and sunshine.

Do any of you spend time with the seeds and plants?

Hope to get back to the machine next week.


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