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Experimenting with tomatoes

last year

Before I say what I observed I want to say I have raised hugey beds that support plants very well and this was in the name of research. I started extra transplants indoors to share with friends but didn't give all of them away so some sit struggling in starter pots while thier mates grew in fertile beds with plenty water. I up-potted them to quart containers except one which I planted in tilled soil and mulched. Quart pots were shortly outgrown and plants looked bad so again I put one beside the first and the rest in gallon pots which they've now outgrown. I was surprised to see struggling plants setting fruit sooner than pampered plants same age and several times their size. I didn't decide to try and kill some plants. I recalled once when I dumped spoiled tomatoes in a fence row that produced fruit under worst possible conditions. I've noticed wildflowers do better with neglect than conditions we create for our plants. Somewhere between neglect and pampered ly's conditions which return best production for effort and expense invested. Next spring I'll see if I can get closer to the medium.

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