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Arabian lilac (Vitex trifolia v purpurea) is stressed out!

4 months ago

I planted a 5g vitex trifolia in my yard in October, and the winter rains here in California (Oakland, so zone 9b/10a or Sunset zone 17) I think were way too much for it. It was a little stressed when it was planted (had some yellowing leaves lower down), and has the winter went on, it's leaves got droopier, turned yellow and fell off.

I pruned it back to shape it a bit in Feb and took off most of it's sad leaves so I could monitor it's health. It has a lot of new growth, but it still seems to have a bunch of yellowing leaves and it's droopier than it should be. I've tried to include some photos where you can see the amount of new growth and how the leaves are yellowing. It's usually about 3-4 leaves at a time, so not all of them, but consistently an issue.

It rained so much this winter, it wasn't irrigated at all. Now it's watered 1-2gal every 10 days on a drip system. It's in a sunny spot, but on the north side of a building so it didn't get a lot of direct sun until Spring. (2-3hrs afternoon sun in winter, more like to 8 now).

Should I stop watering and let it totally dry out? Is there anything I can do to help it fight?

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