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2021 Milgard V300 and V400 weep system not working

4 months ago

I purchased 10 2021 Milgard V300 (total: 7) and V400 (total: 3) and everything was going well until the heavy rains in 2022/2023. The interior frame go damaged because water got trapped on the part of the windows becuase I am assuming the weep system of the windows was not working. Or perhaps it is poor a design from Milgard. The Installer (purchase I bought the windows from) came and punctuared holes on the exterior sealer (on each end) that falls between the stool and the bottom on window frame. As soon as did that, a lot of water started coming out. He blamed Milgard from the designed and he admitted that he knew about. My questions is, why then sell me the windows. He came out the other day after a hudge delay of service and replaced the inside frame but did a poor job but did nothing on the exterior. He said that it is would have to be this way for water to drain when it starts raining. I personally have never seen a home with holes on exterior of the frame like this (see attached pictures).

If anyone can give me some advise on how to go about resolving this issue, either through Milgard or the Installer. The bottom line is does not look pretty and I feel that it cannot remain and look like this. Thanks

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