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MailOrder JM Rootball Expectations

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Just a mail order JM delivery musing of the day

Received a 3G order.

Tag shows 3G.

Shipping was great. Not a broken branch of leaf to be seen.

I attest to the quality of the box it was shipped.

This was -extra heavy duty grade- cardboard quality.

Base on some mail order JM's I have received, the thickeness/dentproofness would easily be 2X or better.

The nursery did go the extra mile with their packaging material for sure !

I'm new to buying JM's but trunk size and height looks like a 3G

But....the dang rootball medium is a 2G

I thought I needed a eye checkup as it came *bagged rootball*, no container. I place it in a 3G pot and it's like a size 34 pants when the waist is like a 18..

I grab a #2 pot and it's a #2 sized

So if the listing is for a #3, do you *expect* 3G worth of roots or just a fairly decent #3 sized plant...

I removed said plant and gave the sides a hand scarify. And whatever on the bottom fell loose.

It's more like a # 1 1/2 G rootball. Sizewise of the plant, it's along the lines of a #3 I think. Not alot of JM under by buying belt to use as a comparison .

I snapped a pic before even teasing/scarifying the rootball medium

This is in a #3

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