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The Apparently Quite Rare ‘Jacques Cartier Cl.’

If my research is accurate, I may have accidentally received a rare rose, a climbing version of Jacques Cartier. There is only one photo of this rose on HMF and only one poster on HMF, a nursery owner in Belgium. I received my plant from Heirloom as Comte de Chambord, which it is not. I thought I’d identified it as the shrubby JC, but mine would not stay under 12 feet or rebloom. After a few years, I just let it awkwardly fly to the sky even though it is sited for a shrub, not a climber. When it is only lightly pruned and allowed free reign, it DOES have remontancy. It sulks terribly when hard pruned and only throws a few gorgeously silvery pink confections of petaled fluff to remind me how sorry I am for treating it so harshly. It then proceeds to shoot up as fast as its canes will grow! Mine is now 14 feet tall and holding its own with Lady Banks. I had to stuff a short trellis under it to prevent it from crushing Nearly Wild. Does anyone else have this rarity in your garden? I’d LOVE to hear any comments, experiences, references, etc.! I will add my contribution to HMF shortly. Carol

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