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One daylily and some other flowers

We keep getting closer to flowering. We had a seedling bloom the other day on what looked to be a cheater scape. It was not picture worthy though. Today this seedling from Olallie bloomed. It's fairly tall with dark scapes. The buds have a lot of black too and there is that brownish stripe on the back of the petals.

This is my favorite old rose which was collected from the roadside. The fragrance is heavenly and the flowers are always so neat and symmetrical. Bob thought it might be Reine des Centfeuilles, but now he doesn't think so.

I always wanted some poppies, but never got around to getting any. Now there is an Amish nursery a few miles north of us that sells many perennials that we don't usually see in garden centers in our city. Now we have 2 poppies and a new place to visit every spring.

This is an ffo for this iris called Tulip Festival. It was planted just last fall and the scape (if that's what you call it) is shorter than it should be, but I like it.

I just can't get the right color on this iris. It is a luscious deep purple but the photos come out blue. This one was affected by the frost as most of the flowers had deformed standards. This was the only good looking flower it had.

That's all for me. We might have some named varieties of daylilies blooming in a few days. I can't wait.


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