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Question about "innie" windows

4 months ago

My Andersen windows from the 1980's, which I still have on one side of the house, sit flush to the interior wall. They are double hung windows. The screen sits flush to the exterior wall. There is a good bit of space in between the screen and the window. Is it possible to find this kind of configuration still, or are all windows made flush to the exterior wall now? I've had a bad experience with window replacement on the other side of the house. Those windows are Marvin Essential, and they are very cold and not very attractive. One of the reasons I think they are so cold is that they sit flush to the exterior wall. I couldn't tell from websites whether anyone still makes windows like the old Andersens. I've sent off inquiries, but thought some of the experts on this site might know. Thanks in advance for any information on finding "innie" windows.

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