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Well water treatment question

Blaine S
4 months ago

Hi all,

I'm looking for feedback and recommendations from some of the more knowledgeable contributors on this site as to how best to treat the following well water? I find this topic to be an overwhelming rabbit hole so I'm hoping for some positive feedback and perhaps consensus. I've scoured this forum for something similar and while I've learned quite a bit, every water analysis is unique (big surprise) and so I thought I'd post my own that I had done by an independent certified lab. This is for a single family home and we are looking to treat for working water (appliances, showering, etc.) that is safe and effective for our appliances (this is the portion of my future treatment system that I am really looking for feedback on) and then also having a dedicated drinking water filtration system (RO under the sink). Right now I'm thinking that I just need a high quality water softener and then the RO system for drinking as mentioned, but am I missing anything in my analysis that I should be worried about or treating for?? I believe the iron levels are low enough to be handled by the softener? Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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