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What can anyone tell me about Plum Pocket disease management?

I sent a query in to my local extension office, but no reply as yet.

The disease appeared on one branch of my Prunus Americana (native plum) last year - couldn't find out what it was but I pruned the branch off to be on the safe side.

This year the tree has set an abundance of fruit (as usual) and most of the branches have at least one if not several affected fruits. As well, many leaves have some kind of spore forming body (multiple upright narrow pillars per leaf) - not sure that is related.

Internet search this year has produced a diagnosis with conflicting information: nothing can be done to control it, spraying with Bordeaux mix will work, Bordeaux mix doesn't work, pruned off vegetation must be burned, prunings can go into the compost pile, and so on. No mention of spores forming on leaves, only on the affected fruit.

What I basically want to know is if I should just go ahead and remove the entire tree, or can the disease really be controlled by spraying (as I do to prevent peach leaf curl and fireblight). I've already removed every branch that had infected fruit or leaves - reduced the tree by 2/3s at least.

I have 2 other healthy plum trees - a "French" plum and a Santa Rosa - and I want to protect them.

I rarely get to eat the native plums, actually, because the tree is too big to net, and the critters will clean off all the crop in one night just when it is ripe. So it really wouldn't be much of a loss.

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