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Bathroom remodeling - what to do with lead ceramic tiles?

Ellie Chou
4 months ago


We are about to do a bathroom remodeling (hire professionals) and I decided to order an XRF lead analysis in order to understand what might be released to the air during the process of demolition. They tested walls, floorings, vanitieis, etc. and none were detected except for the (visibly old) ceramic tiles on the vanity. The testing company suggested we talk to an abatement company but a quick Google search got me even more confused - says glazed ceramic tiles are not subject to the rules applied by EPA for renovation because it's not a surface coating or painted surface.

I am hoping to get some words of wisdoms here from people who have been through similar situation, or professionals who deal with this on the regular basis. am I making a big deal out of it, or a certified abatement company should definitely be involved? The idea of lead dust flying everywhere makes me cringe, even if there will be a barrier to the rest of the house, even if there will be cleanup afterwards....

Curious what people think here? And to add to the context - we are not DIYers. We'll move out temporarily during the bathroom renovation.

Thank you!

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