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First Daylilies Have Bloomed Here

4 months ago

My first two daylilies, Kiss of Paradise and Stone Palace Rejoice, first bloomed last Thursday, but neither was photo worthy that day. Today Victorian Garden Heaven's Applause had its first flower open.

Kiss of Paradise only has three scapes on nine fans. One is down in the foliage, and the other two are just at the top of the foliage - so much shorter than usual. It only has only 3-5 buds per scape this time. This opening was after a cool night, and one of the flowers never fully opened.

Stone Palace Rejoice - I haven't exactly been rejoicing over these blooms. All three of the first ones were splotchy. I'll have to spray the remaining buds tonight.

Victorian Garden Heaven's Applause only has one scape on the clump now. I hope some others will come up later.

Short scapes and low bud counts appear to be the norm on the early bloomers. I've got three or four seedlings that seem to have taller scapes and some side branching. Some seedlings should start flowering in the next couple days.


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