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PNW New House Plan - I'm So Lost

4 months ago

This is a crude back of napkin sketch with general ideas of what I'd like for a retirement home, cobbled together.

Please, please help me hand it off to an architect in a more polished state.

There will be 2 of us living here full time, and visitors from time to time.

This house is located in rainy Northern Washington, on a hilltop overlooking a lake to the North. To the East and South are wooded areas.

I'd like more wall separation within that big blob that is the living room/dining room area.

I needs lots of closets, and double duty spaces to eliminate inefficient rooms. But room for entertaining.

This monstrosity I doodled came out to, I think, 6,000sf. I do not want such a large house, but no idea where to begin.

I'd appreciate input to make my ideas more coherent. What needs to change? Thank you!

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