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Looking for Perlite? Anyone know of a source?

Is anyone else having trouble finding perlite this year? I've been to three nurseries and everyone has an 8 quart size. I'm used to buying it in bulk and it lasts me awhile because I don't normally do a lot of outdoor containers and don't repot houseplants all that often, but this year I was trying to do more outdoor containers. I've delayed getting them planted because I don't have the perlite and I need to get them done this week. Amazon has it but the size I need is about $50. a bag? Is that right?

I'm at the point of thinking I need to make up potting mix without perlite at this point but not sure how that is going to work. Does anyone know of an alternative ingredient for making a good well draining potting mix without perlite? And no, I don't mean the mix made with bark mulch fines.

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