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Mohawk carpet - pricing question

9 days ago

I've narrowed down my search to the following 3 carpets from Mohawk

SmartStrand - Casual Beauty (Greygate) $3.59/sf

UltraStrand - Timeless Structure (Evening Shadow) $3.09/sf

SmartStrand - Urban Hues (Tranquil Water) - $2.99/sf

The problem is I'm seeing some different pricing from a few different places.

First of all, from the GeorgiaCarpet site, which I've provided the links for. The Casual Beauty is by far the most expensive.

I've got quotes from 2 different local places, and they follow the same pricing structure ...

But my builder's pricing is reversed. The cheapest option is the Casual Beauty, followed by the Timeless Structure, followed by the Urban Hues!

I don't know what to make of this. Anyone with insights into the Mohawk brand kind enough to explain?

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