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Appalachian heirloom beans

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

I've been growing/ experimenting with Appalachian beans with varied success the last few years. Sometimes they produce well for me, sometimes not. I'm northwest of the mountains in flat land, but I'm not that far away, 40 degrees N almost exactly. The greasy beans that seem to be the best to me are always very late, but if the vines stay green can produce a lot in September.

Any you particularly like or have consistent success?

New ones I'm trying this year are Fat Man, Coal Camp, Josephine Jackson Half Runner, Headrick Greasy Cut Short, and Grady Bailly Greasy.

Does anybody know the history of the "Half Runner"? Are they a type that was spread around and then got localized? What characteristics make a really good half runner?