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I just saw a very fat RAT eating what fell from the bird feeder!

Esther-B, Zone 7a
4 months ago

I was enjoying watching the birds fight over the seeds in the tubular mesh-covered bird feeder I hung from a PVC t-shaped pole I made when I spotted a new bird. This one had a long skinny tail and was nibbling on fallen seeds. It was a RAT! A big fat one. My blood curdled. I have to go out to my back yard (I'll wait for my contractor tomorrow) and see where this fell creature is hanging out for shelter and destroy whatever cozy spot it's found. I will have to get some cayenne pepper to mix with the seed and move a bunch of odds and ends hanging out during construction to somewhere else.

Here I was really enjoying watching my birdies eat and this stinkin' roden has to come and end my pleasure. It must go!

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