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Best way to get shade on my second floor deck.

Paul F.
4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

I need shade on my second floor balcony desperately. I have a shade structure on the side of my house that has paddles that pivot which I love. It turns into an arbor when the paddles are open and then into a rain tight roof when they are closed. I always thought I'd love one on my roof deck but seeing it in my photoshopped pic and exactly how prominent it will be I'm not so sure. It's quite an architectural statement I'm not sure I should make. There is a 16 foot stand of bamboo in the front so when that is grown in you won't see the roof deck except from one angle you see in the pic.

Should I do something retractable instead? Maybe a smaller canvas structure that looks like a cabana? I could also step this structure back and shorten the projection about 3 feet to the second hand rail. In other words the BBQ area in the render wouldn't have a roof over it (there's not going to be a BBQ up there btw).

Side yard shade structure

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