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Mini Split Setup Wrong?

Mnm 01
4 months ago

We just completed a two story addition off our Berkeley CA home, the HVAC company we went with setup a dual mini split, with a ducted unit in the attic upstairs and a ductless unit downstairs in the new large open family room. There is one outdoor unit powered both.

It’s honestly been a mess with this company, they have been out 7 times to try to get this right.

The issue is that if we have the upstairs unit on cool and the downstairs off, it still send refrigerant to the off downstairs unit, it cracks, pops, freezes inside, condensation builds up and leaks.

This morning we woke up to a pool of water on our new floors!!

They are saying the outside unit is a bit oversized and it has to send refrigerant to both units at the same time.

This just seems totally wrong, did they just set this up wrong, are we supposed to have two outside units, one for each?

Any pro tips? We have lost faith that this small local crew knows what they are doing.

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