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Any Way to Pour Garden Materials Into a Supersack?

I want to store certain types of garden materials (e.g., pumice, horticultural sand, crushed gravel, and compost) in large super sacks that I can then nice tuck away on the side of my home waiting for the next use. A super sack typically can store up to 2000 pounds in a volume that is around a cubic yard. Some vendors will put the material into a super sack and ship it, but often you have a local vendor for a commodity product like compost who will not do that. It is not a lot of fun to have this material dropped on the lawn and then have to shovel it into the super sack. Is anyone selling a super sack that could temporarily be made very wide at the top, so that a dump truck would have a better chance of delivering its load entirely into the super sack? I know there are large metal funnels that can be attached to a forklift, but I do not have a forklift or even very much space.

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