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Can my Vanee be fixed, or should I give up at this point - Please help

4 months ago

Hello everyone.
My Vanee 100h stopped working on Dec 2022 after 11 years of great service.
When the unit is plunged to power, the motherboard/control board make clicking sounds for a while then goes quiet and the unit just idle and does nothing

I called Vanee technical support and they redirect me to one of their license technician in my town.
After MONTHS of back and forth with the technician and Vanee, my unit is still not working.
This morning the technician admitted to me that he has no prior knowledge on my specific unit, and he is not sure why it is not working and ready to stop trying.

So far:
We replace the old motherboard/control board with a new one:
1. The new motherboard/control showed exact same behaver as the old one, so Vanee decided it was not the motherboard/control and asked to return it so they can credit us towards new damper motor which they believe was the issue (as it was not moving when the unit restarted)
2. We installed a new damper motor, now the damper motor does work when the unit restart BUT
Now when I turn the unit on, the unit start the self check cycle and the damper motor is constantly spinning (the damper open and close non stop) for a long time and then nothing, the unit dose nothing.

I don't know if it is important/related, but the bathrooms in my hose has NO FANS.
The bathroom ventilation system was setup in a way, that when the fan buttons are pressed, it trigger the Vanee to kick in and suck the moisture for 5 min or turn off when pressed again.
Since the unit stopped working, the fan buttons are dead (no green light or any sign of life, I assume they get their power from Vanee unit?)

Additional information:
The big fan in the unit spin freely and smoothly
Filters are all cleaned properly
We still have the new motherboard/control as we haven't yet sent it - maybe the old motherboard/control is bad after all? should I replace it with the new one?
I have attached a picture I found on the web of the exact model I have, maybe some of you have that exact unit or had the chance to work on one just like it.

At this point I am desperate for any ideas or guidance.
I prefer to fix the unit if I can instead buying a new one.
Please and thank you!


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