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Please help me choose the best HVAC quote

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Hello, I have a roughly 850 square feet open-concept split-level house in the suburbs of Montreal, Canada, and in the past I used to cool the entire house with a 12,000 BTU window air conditioner in the living room window. It did the job great, except in the afternoon of the hottest days, it was borderline cool in the bedrooms but overall satisfactory. This year to save me the hassle of carrying that beast up and down the stairs every summer, I decided to have a mini-split heat pump installed, and I would greatly appreciate if you could help me make a choice between the following 4 quotes:

Contractor #1

quote A

Carrier 38MARB018, 18,000 BTU

$5500 after $600 govt mail-in rebate

quote B

Carrier 38MARC018, 18,000 BTU

$5116 after $250 govt mail-in rebate

This contractor is the one who did the service on my parents oil-fired furnace and their service was very good. However, I have no experience about their heat pump service or installations.

Contractor #2

quote A

Fujitsu AOUG12LMAS1, 12,000 BTU

$3995 after $500 govt mail-in rebate

quote B

Gree Ultra Heat GWH12QD-D3DNE6A, 12,000 BTU

$3895 after $400 govt mail-in rebate

quote C

Gree LOMO 19 GWH12ATCXBD3DNA4, 12,000 BTU

This contractor does not have their own electrician, I would have to run the electrical myself or hire my own electrician at my cost.

Contractor #3

Mitsubishi MSZGL18NA, 18,000 BTU

$5025 minus $500 govt mail-in rebate

Contractor #4

Fujitsu ASOUG12LMAS1, 12,000 BTU

$4450 minus $500 govt mail-in rebate

This contractor called me the next day to let me know that installing a mini-split on my house is impossible due to the configuration of the house. This never seemed to be a problem with the other three contractors. I took a walk in an adjacent neighbourhood where there is a lot of the same house as mine, and i saw many houses with what looks like a cap over HVAC lines, right at the place all 4 contractors would install the unit, which makes me suspicious about this guy.

I have included pictures of my house, with a mock-up of where they would install the unit on photo #3. I am leaning towards contractors #1 or 3, but I would really like to have your opinion on this. Thanks a lot!

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