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Miele washer (WWH 860) not rinsing properly. Clothes soapy after wash.

9 months ago

What's going on:

I bought a used Miele W1 washer (WWH 860). I plugged it in and did a few loads with the auto dispensing twindos detergent. I went to dry my hands on a recently washed towel and noticed it still had some soap residue on it. I threw the clothes back in the washer and did a Quick Rinse cycle, which should be water only. However, I clearly saw suds in the wash.

Here's what I've done so far:

- Set rinse water levels to maximum in the settings

- Lowered twindos detergent dispensing dosage to UltraPhase1 = 20, and UltraPhase2 = 15

- Set on-site water pressure setting to low water pressure. My reasoning being that the machine will allow more filling time, thus possibly causing that more water to be used in the rinse.

- Cleaned the drain pump filters. One of the two had lots of black gunk and a foul odor.

What I'm thinking now:

I did notice the manual required that the machine be calibrated before the very first use. I presume the previous owner did so when they installed it in their home. However, because the machine has been moved to a new location, does it have to be re-calibrated? Might this be the cause of the soapy clothes? If so, how exactly do I re-calibrate the machine?

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

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