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Most effective ductless / recirculating range hood

Susan Lewis
11 months ago

I’m renovating a tiny kitchen in an urban, high-rise condo building that absolutely, positively will not allow ducted range hoods. I’ll be using a 30” GE Monogram induction cooktop (silver color glass). I’m looking for the most effective and most aesthetically pleasing ductless range hood (understood that it will be much less effective than a ducted one). For me, “effective” means captures the most grease and odors with the easiest filter cleaning / replacement. “Aesthetically pleasing” in the context of my kitchen design means modern and minimal, and won’t clash with my cooktop. The two ductless models most often recommended seem to be the Fotile slanted ones and the Vent-a-Hood. Can anyone who has actually used either comment on their effectiveness, ease of cleaning, or look? Or if you’ve used a different ductless model you like that would meet my needs, can you comment on it?

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