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Looking for electric range top that is durable and easy to clean

Hayden Jones
4 months ago

I need to replace a Whirlpool electric glass top range.

I have spent multiple hours searching for a replacement.

This old Whirlpool top has held up for over 10 years and its in pretty good shape.

It is amazing to me that all ranges by ALL vendors (including Whirlpool) seem to have many reviews complaining about how easily the tops are scratched and how hard they are to clean.

One would think that after all these years tops would get better - not worse.

Does anyone have a recommendation on this? A brand, or better yet a model number?

Ok, my current top isn't totally unscratched. But, hey, it's been in use a long time. Looks pretty good.

And sometimes I need to use a razor blade to scrape stuff off it - But, hey, it comes out pretty darn clean.

If I were reviewing it, I'd give it good marks.

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