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Gallica Share 2023

Hi, all! Pardon my absence from the forum. I’ve been focused on my daughter’s school since late August last summer. But now I must post! It’s GALLICA SEASON!!

My first 2 Gallicas are opening, so I thought I’d kick off the annual thread. This spring, Portland hit 95 degrees. In mid May! Unprecedented. My earlier bloomers look to be sporting petals that are quite pink. Last year, Portland was very cold and very, very wet all the way into June, and rose blooms were running into the violet-purple range. Gardens are always full of surprises, yes?

Here’s Cardinal de Richelieu to start the show. Paul Barden’s unnamed purple Gallica (“PUPG”) which he grew from Cheryl Netter’s seeds has begun to open as well. Those photos coming soon.

Please share photos and stories when your Gallicas unfurl their lovely, antique selves!


Cardinal de Richelieu

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