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Pipevine Swallowtail eggs for anyone

last year

who is willing to come here and pick them up. I have several females laying eggs on the pipevine and I know that there are so many that I will run out of food for them. So rather than see some perish, I would be ecstatic if someone here is within driving distance and can come and get some. I'm sure there are probably a few hundred out there on the vines by now. We already brought about 100 of them in to raise but even though we have several vines, there just isn't enough to feed all of the caterpillars that will eventually hatch. The female PVS only just started laying on the vines yesterday, so I'd imagine that they'll all hatch within the next week.

So I'd be happy to give as many away to someone as you are willing and able to raise. You will of course have to have pipevine at your place to feed the caterpillars once they hatch. I realize that the chances aren't great that I will find someone on here who is within driving distance of central PA, but I thought I'd at least try. I live about 50 miles above Harrisburg, PA. Please email me at cbrouse at gmail dot com if interested.


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