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Update to Post: Refrigerator Panel Install Gone Wrong

4 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Update to Post:

We had an appliance installer come out who supposedly knew how to correct the panels. He removed the wood shims from behind the panels and reattached them. It took 10 minutes. As a result, the top overhanging panel is not aligned with the below two panels, though those two panels are now correctly attached. He explained the installer used the shims to make the refrigerator panels appear to be flush with the cabinet above. So now we are in a predicament of how to correct that. Is the above cabinet or it’s panel bowed, or is it an install issue? We reversed the credit charge, but only have until this week to provide an estimate on correction but impossible to find a cabinet installer to come out for this. We were also left with paint damage on these panels (how they came delivered) that are not a priority of the designer. So an overhanging cabinet panel and damaged paint left for us to figure out.

Any advice on next steps?

Looking for advice on a kitchen renovation…

the installer cannot seem to properly install the refrigerator caninet panel, and the top is literally not attached. Pieces of shimmied/glued wood have fallen out from behind the panel after his second attempt to get the install right.

These are extremely tall 7 ft (custom refrig) panels, and we are extremely concerned it will completely detach and fall off and be completely ruined or hurting one of our children. We just paid a LOT of $ for this reno and the designer is ignoring our emails… Is it really thar hard to install?

Any guidance would be helpful on this 15 mth never-ending kitchen renovation!

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