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I found my lost fabric

4 months ago

You might remember that I "lost" some fabric squares that I was working on in Palm Desert. I thought I brought them home, but I couldn't find them, even after a thorough search of my sewing room, knowing that I would not have put them anywhere else. Well, yesterday I was reorganizing my fabric, and lo and behold, there they were. They were in a large Ziplock bag that had sliipped behind some stacks of fat quarters. I guess I hadn't looked as thoroughly as I thought. I was almost sad to find them. I'm not as happy with my fabric choices as I usually am, and it was almost a relief when I thought that I didn't have to finish the top. Oh well, the mystery is solved. Now if I could just find the $200 in cash that I took out of my wallet and put somewhere for safe-keeping. I guess I can't spend it if I can't find it. Haha.

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