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blue star range oven 36" / roasting vegetables

Christy Mckinney
6 months ago

Hi all, We just moved into a house with a 36" blue star range. Our prior house had a Lacanche Volnay, which had a much smaller oven and roasted vegetables beautifully and quickly (~400 with convention, done in 22 minutes after a 10-15 heat up). The Blue Star burners are great, but we are struggling to make roasted vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, brussels, potatoes, peppers) so that they are cooked through. I know it will take longer, but we are still struggling. Yesterday for example, was a 30+ minute heat up, 30 minutes of roasting cauliflower and it was still not tender. What's your fool proof method for good roasting vegetables so they are tender and carmelized in your blue star?

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