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Japanese slat tile lookalikes?

Elizabeth M
4 months ago

I am about to remodel my small bathroom off the main bedroom which just has a small 3x3 shower stall. I am trying to add some texture interest with the wall tile for the shower. I fell in love with the Japanese-style slat tile, but my sister just used this in her bathroom, and the price is misleading. It is very expensive and due to the size of each tile (24 x 48) and the small size of my shower, the cost would be prohibitive for me (even though it says 11/sq ft, the nature of the cuts would make this $1200 worth of tile plus shipping).

So I am looking for a knockoff alternative, if anyone has any ideas. I don’t want to do individual narrow tiles, I’d rather have larger slabs of at least 8 x 12 - 12 x 24.

Anything that would add interesting texture but not actual texture that makes it difficult to attach fixtures. It’s a MCM house and want to stay close to that clean style.

I had also looked at the 3D wave tiles I attached, but realized you can’t use them on walls with fixtures, niches, etc and the shower is too small to have a feature wall so I want to keep all 3 walls the same.


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