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Post swap plants. Thanks everyone!

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

We got the Alliums (based on description, maybe Globemaster?) in and they are perfect for replacing our big yellow brooms that died. 13 in total went in. I don't know the name of the person who brought these but "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!"

The Sweet Woodruff and Jack Frost Brunnera went under a tree. Also don't know the name of the person who brought these. Crossing my fingers they like their new location.

We split one of our non-performing peonies so hoping planting it shallower makes it bloom and then added 5 mums from Tomatoz. Oops, Peonies not showing in the photo. Out of frame. If anyone has any extra Peony cages we could use 3 more.

Tomatoz1 phlox and bachelor buttons went into our lower bed to join some others. Many swap Shasta Daisies in this bed along with the first garden phlox we tried which was also from Tomatoz1.

The 4 tomato plants and one eggplant plant went into our veggie bed. We planted them among our thuggish strawberries that seem to have taken over this year. Thanks to those who brought veggie starts!

Thanks to gcore for the lettuce. Eating it for lunch!

Thanks to everyone from the swap! Looking forward to seeing how our new additions do. It is nice to have some good replacements for our yellow brooms that died.

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