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Please Share Paver Experiences!

4 months ago

I want to share Our "Over-Kill" Flagstone Paver Project! Our Small Recessed Front Entry Has Worked Us Since 1972 Related to Keeping It Safe and Attractive. Our Live Oak's Leaves Adds to the Challenge of keeping the Entry Safe. I have Building Experience related to Concrete Foundations but no Brick Work.

My Experience Led Me To An Over-Kill Foundation X Satisfaction!
1. I Added Road Base at a Grade to Drain.
2. I added Gray Flat Stones I had vs Pouring Concrete.
3. I Added "Hog Wire" (on hand) To Help as A Shell with Puzzle Pieces Held in Place.
4. Wife Laid Out Flagstones as I Forced Cement Under + Between to Hold Best Flat Positions.
5. Later I Ground High Edges that could Catch A Shoe and Cause A Trip in the No Walk Area.
6. I was surprised to Lose Color Effects That were Surface Only vs Deep.
7. I Like the Shell I'm See And Hearing that have Drains Above And Below. Pavers.
8. Sealing Is Coming and I Feel Sealing Will Give Me The Good Color Effect As Water Gives.

This has been a Satisfying Experience!