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Basement Rec Room Remodel - What should I do?

Annie Seberson
11 months ago

Hi fellow Houzzers! I'm having my 1950's split level basement rec room updated (in the Minneapolis, MN area). We're replacing the paneled walls with sheetrock, sheet rocking the ceiling, adding recessed lights, replacing the two windows, replacing the carpet, and adding a gas insert to the wood burning fireplace.

This is my 1st house and my 1st remodel project, and I'm looking for help with some design elements. The room is approximately 22' L x 14' W . The ceilings are about 7.5' high. Pictures attached (excuse the mess).

My questions for y'all are:

1. Recessed lights:

  • What type of recessed lights would be best to use in this space? I'd like to use a dimmer so I can have it bright or dim, but warm and cozy too.
  • What size cans should they be?
  • Where should they be placed?
  • How many lights should I add in the ceiling and how should they be spaced?

2. Wall color:

  • The windows are quite small, so there's not much natural light in the space. What color should I paint the walls? I don't want to go too bold, since the ceilings are low and there's low natural light. I'd like to keep it light and airy but stylish and cozy.

3. Fireplace brick:

  • I'm installing a gas insert in the fireplace. The brick on the fireplace is outdated. What can I do to modernize it on the cheap (without looking too cheap)?
  • If I paint it, what color should I paint the brick (to complement the potential wall color)? What's the best way to paint brick?

4. Flooring

  • The floor will be carpeted a light natural color, which I haven't selected yet. Open to suggestions.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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