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Plants wilt and die

4 months ago

In the past couple of years we have lost several plants. One day the look healthy, in the next couple of days the started to wilt and die.

The first were roses in the garden in front of our house. They were there 10 years ago when we bought the house. Since the Gutter drain runs into that garden we assumed it was to much water, I extended the downspout so they empty beyond the drive way. This garden is surrounded by a concrete sidewalk and drive and the brick foundation of the porch.

The other was a tea camellia. We planted it about 4 years ago and it appeared to thrive. while it is on a slope it was planted on a slight natural rise on the slope, so it it got water but was well drained. This year it followed the same pattern wilt and then die in a in a couple of weeks. It separated from the roses by the house and about 100'

Is there a disease that would cause this. I don't use poison around the plants.

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