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Modern roses - what roses are your longest living modern roses?

I built my current rose gardens at home starting in 1996. About 15-years ago rose rosette disease wiped out about 16 of my roses. I may have opened up part of the bed in 1997. I still have several roses that are original to my rose beds at my residence.

  • Queen Elizabeth is in its 28th year. It has diminished in size over the past 4-years, but one of those years I got it to perk up.
  • Graham Thomas is in its 27th or 28th year.
  • Polar Stern is in its 27th or 28th year.
  • Moody Dream is between 25-28 years old.
  • Chrysler Imperial is at least 25-28 years old, but it can be a bit of a runt. It is too close to a very robust rose.
  • Morden Blush is at least 24-years old.

I planted four roses behind my office in 2000. Two of them are original to the rose bed. In their 24th year they grow very robustly:

  • The Prince
  • Johan Strauss

This article says many modern roses will grow for only 6-10 years unless given exceptional care. Growing Roses | Home & Garden Information Center ( I would add, it also takes a bit of luck to avoid RRD, and late hard freezes that can decimate weak roses.

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