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Building Cold Frames

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Camille was asking about cold frames and this seems like the best place to share the information.

While cold frames can be built with old windows and they will work it is high maintenance as the window aka "the lights" need to be opened at least partially every sunny/part sunny day and then closed again late afternoon/evening. While forgetting to close it might not do harm forgetting to open it on 37 degree sunny day and probably every plant will be toast.

To get around this what's needed is an automatic vent, I've had good experience with Bayliss vents There are other popular brands such as univent

The wire is there is to stop rabbits or cats getting in.

Now that an opener is obtained it needs to be installed. It takes basic wood working skills to fit it into the lights. I prefer double wall polycarbonate. I found a place locally to buy as shipping large sheets is expensive but here's a peek at some from The Mighty A

Some screws, 1x2s, hinges and wood glue put the lights together. I won't go into detail on that. Here's a picture

A system will be needed to secure the lights when fully open. I've used a log with a inserted piece of rebar then pushed into the soil. A metal hook in the log and bungee cords to the lights hold it in place.

I'll post this now and continue when I have more time.

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