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Spring Swap 2023 - Thank You Camille and Lucy!

Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado
4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Thank you to both Camille and Lucy for hosting another very successful swap! Your place is perfect for a swap, with all the space you have!

The food, as always, was wonderful, and as someone posted on one of the swap threads, "the plants" defy the laws of physics since there are always way, way more plants to give away than there are people to give them to! And yet, almost everything did "disappear" by the end again!

If anybody has any questions at all about something you got from me, please post here so I can give you the info you need! I really want them to grow for you!

And! Thank you to The Weather, which gave us a nice mix of sun and clouds--and NO rain!

Looking forward to the Fall Swap--if I'm on the right side of the hills whenever it is!

Thank you to Everyone who helped make this another Good Swap!


SA 05.13.23 @ 1610 MDT

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