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boxwoods in container

WendyB 5A/MA
4 months ago

Trying to help an elderly frail neighbor with sprucing up in front of her garage with a pot. I usually do an arrangement of annuals for her, but it is not easy to always get over there to do maintenance. So this year she suggested we just do greenery. Actually, last Christmas she wanted an evergreen there so she could decorate it for the holidays. But the timing was bad and all the small specimens were gone by the time I went shopping for it.

So I just planted a 2 gallon Green Mountain in her large-ish garage pot (4 gal?) for this year. I am wondering how it will do for the winter and how slow/fast it will grow. I told her it might not do well in a pot and it was an experiment. Also that in a couple of years we will need to move it to a bigger pot.

So what do you think? Does anyone do anything like this? It gets morning sun til about noon. I can move it into her garage for the worst of the winter if necessary. She has a garage window (south facing) and only 1 fully exposed "wall" - the door wall - so it probably doesn't get much below freezing in there.

Watering will be tricky in a pot this summer. I should have added some water retention crystals in the soil, but I forgot. Used regular good quality potting soil that drains well. Added a bit of orchid bark.

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