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Cabin front landscaping - what should i do with this?

Rachelle Plantagenet
4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Hi Houzz community, I have a design dilemma and need some help please.

I have built this small cabin and am at a loss on how to tie this in with the rest of the yard. The space seems to lend itself to loose pavers on pebbles somehow to bring it up to the entrance level... but since the existing pavers and decking are so old I am wondering if the whole area needs a revamp!

The pics below show the current state (I am painting the fence at the moment). There is a small concrete area on the right which leads on the deck. There are old square pavers on the left leading to the back doors and gate. The cabin itself sits on a concrete slab which is the same height as the pavers on the left. There is also a curved redish brick area with wood border which connects the paved area to the deck.

Any ideas for the front of the cabin would be very appreciated!

Thank you so much


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