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Should I move this Yuletide Camellia?

I planted a Yuletide Camellia in May 2022 in what I think is a part shade area. It gets direct sun in the mornings, and then dappled sun (through a white pine and a red oak) for the rest of the day. It's to the West of a large Roseum Elegans Rhododendron, and it had a few blooms on it over the winter.

Here are details on it, and it's supposed to be good with part shade:

Here's the area, today at 2:30pm. Please forgive me for not mowing before the pic! LOL

The camellia is just behind the purple foxglove that you see blooming in the middle.

This is what it looks like close up:

There was a foxglove coming up right next to it that I meant to relocate, but now they're blooming :-/ There's also a Virginia Creeper in that pic, which I was able to pic up and move to a different area afterward.

You can see that I have a few healthy-looking limbs:

But most look like this:

What do you think, should I move it to a new location? Maybe more sun, or less water? Or just leave it be and let life fine a way?

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