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Newbie Conifer Observations - IceBreaker

7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago

So last year, I went on a binge and ordered a bunch of conifers.

Killed a 7G Icebreaker and I thought it was my fault !

In retrospect, maybe it wasn't and I just got a dud.

So this year, thinking it was *my fault*, I ordered a 2G Icebreaker on Firma.

Did not want to order a larger size only to have it die on me again in the very same year

I wish I did order the larger size today !

Now, here is the biggest difference I see from this year vs. last.

Maybe the plant I received was a DUD last year from the get go.

It just had a slow death till a chunk of the needles were progressively turning brown.

I was thinking it was just establishment but one day I accidently had the blower in that direction and a good amount of needles just flew off. It was at that moment, I knew it was not establishing but dying

Whereas, today, I am seeing the *spring flush* of the new needles/new growth of this baby sized Icebreaker....

So anyhow, that's my revelation for today as I literally did not see even new growth from last years jr specimen sized icebreaker.

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