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HDMI switching problem for TV viewing

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

My computer and TV view are integrated using an AVR for switching between five HDMI inputs: three computers, a cable box, a BluRay player. For all devices, the video output goes to a 55" TV and the audio comes from the home theater speakers. Two of the computers are laptops running Win 10 and Win 11, and the third is a Mac Mini, which doesn't have a screen.

On a typical day, in the evening we watch TV (either from Spectrum or Netflix). Then we shut down the AV stuff, including the monitor, but leave the computers running. The next morning, I have an early Zoom meeting, for which I use one of the computers.

Recently, when I turn on the monitor and AVR, it takes a long time for the image to appear on the TV, although it is on the laptop. That time has been getting longer and longer (now, over an hour!). Prior to today, I could switch to the cable box and its image (and audio) would immediately appear. However, this morning, I tried even switching to the cable box as a test, but nothing. The TV remote, which I don't use for anything except Netflix, had no effect. I was going to switch the TV's HDMI inputs, but Nada Suddenly, a half hour later, the monitor showed its connections, and I could switch to my Zoom computer. My immediate reaction was to consider replacing my TV (it's a Roku/TCL model which I bought about 8 years ago). But, would you think it's the TV or the AVR?

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