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Your MAY 2023 highlights

rouge21_gw (CDN Z5b/6a)
4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Siberian Corydalis:

I really like this plant. And I like that is goes dormant sometime in June. The one in the picture is 2 feet wide and maybe 18" tall, 'squishing' against a Japanese Maple ;) and yet it will "vanish" in the next month.


If I have a space in a shady locale and am not sure what I can squeeze in, in goes a hellebore ;)

A Brunnera (maybe Silver Heart?):

They always look so pristine this time of the year. (The one in the picture will span 3 feet.)

Maybe the only one of our lathyrus-latifolius which wasnt eaten down by rabbits :(.

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