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Is this pot size adequate for my yucca?

4 months ago

I bought a new yucca recently and the pot that I already had for it is 30x30cm.

I read somewhere that any pot should be enough for the roots to spread - but I noticed, when potting it (2nd and 3rd images) that some of the roots were rather long, so they need to curl around the inner side of the pot in order to fit it in.

Is that OK, or will it eventually not make it in a pot of this size? I have an Areca Palm, for example, that has been thriving and growing quite large in a pot of the same size (last image). I have no idea what its roots look like now or if there's even a comparison to be made.

Ideally I would love to be able to keep this pot, so really just looking to know if it's a terrible size for this plant etc.

Thank you in advance!

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