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Soil for Avocado trees

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

I have built 4 planters and filled them with sand which looks like it has a little clay or silt in it but it seems to drain really good. I bought a bunch of perlite but question if I really need to add it to the sand layer since it drains really good but I've read that it might help hold some moister so I don't have to water so much and it would add aeration for the roots as well. I was going to dig a 2' diameter hole and mix in 20% perlite and 80% sand to plant the tree, does this sound like a good idea?

I'm looking to add 6" of soil on top of the sand but all I can find is compost which I don't know much about and really don't want to burn the roots the first year with added compost. I also don't want to add bad bugs or fungus to the top coat. I found two soil choices from Lowes hear in town. I also have about 5lb of worm castings I was going to mix in away from the trunk along with more perlite. Any opinions on which top soil I should use for the upper 6" which is going to be for the feeder roots.

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