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question for reporting hydrangea

Me 1 (zone 7b NY)
4 months ago

I got this blooming already hydrangea about 3 weeks ago. It came in a small nursery pot. I’d like to repot it to a bigger pot but I read that best not to while blooming. Is this true? I find it could benefit already from a bigger pot. Also, is it worth trying to save and how to make it thrive. It’ll be outside on a city open balcony. The leaves are also starting to yellow and brown. Could be too much water because I left it outside while we had a lot of rain but the water drained. Thanks first picture was from weeks ago, 2nd is how it looks now.

Another question it had this moss on top of the soil when I got it from the store - is that helpful or neutral? Or damaging and I should get rid of it when I replant it? Thank you

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