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Which artificial light should I buy for my fiddly-leaf fig?

7 months ago

I need to buy a grow light or two for the pictured plant. Unfortunately it is not receiving enough light and there is absolutely nowhere else in my apartment that I can keep it. It's also impractical for me to move it at any point closer to sunlight, due to the layout of my apartment. I was told by the seller that it would be enough sunlight, but on further investigation (in another Q in this forum) it is not.

I therefore need to invest in some grey lights. The problem is I have no experience in this area, so I would be very grateful to hear from someone who does, especially in regards to what strength I should be looking at.

The first option could be strip lights like these on the wall on either side of it.

...But it looks like all of those might be designed for smaller plants?

If so, any thoughts on something like this or this? Or any other recommendations?

Thanks very much in advance.


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