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Autumn Moon - Fast, Slow and Establishment

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

How fast, slow or hard to establish is Acer Shirasawanum Autmn Moon.

I received a 3G while dormant or semi dormant. Cannot recall if the buds were showing inital signs of growth. All leaves leafed out *minisculely* and then the whole thing declined to the point where 25 of the limbs/leaves shrivled and dried up. The rest of the leaves are somewhat green and shrivled.

So I found a reference, a blurb online, where someone else mentioned the same symptom - leaf out and die, and another commenter said when young, they can be a bit tricky but a more mature size is *less harder to grow*

So here I am, looking for my AM replacment.

The 5G's are expensive out here but if someone says the more mature ones are indeed easier to grow, then so be it and I will cough up the benji's for it.. And the local nursery only has like 2.

The next closest nursery that has probaby, #3, 5 and 7 is like 3 1/2 hrs drive.

Add gas and tolls.....and time. 2X on a round trip

Not really up to 7 hrs of driving + a enclosed trailer just for a *few trees*.

Otherwise, I can do a mailorder 1G from a Maple Vendor I've been using recently and sofar, everything being sent is quite healthy on the stuff I have received.

For those growing Autumn Moon, which I've got no patience to watch things get bigger these days, how fast or slow growing is AM if I end up going the 1G route