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Furniture layout suggestions for 5 room open floorplan

last year
last modified: last year

Hello Houzz! Long time reader, first time poster...

We are moving into a new place and I'm struggling with figuring out the furniture layout. Here's my mockup of the floorplan - the room names are how the previous owner used the rooms, not how we necessarily need to do it. (The thin white bar in the Family Room is the fireplace.)

We will have four planned rooms currently - living room (TV, sectional sofa); dining room (table that fits 6-8); playroom (low bookshelves, doll house, kid-sized table, etc; we have three young kids); and kitchen (obviously). There are so many options for where to put each room! We are thinking about the fifth room being an art room/ homework room with a loveseat and pedestal table; right now we use our dining room for art/homework but we have to pack it up before dinner and it might be nice to have a designated table for that stuff. A few options below; would love feedback and other suggestions:

Our dining room

Opt 1: labeled dining room (though we've never had a dining room separate from the kitchen and it seems like it could be annoying since we walk back and forth from the table to the kitchen like 100 times per meal)

Opt 2: labeled family room (though seems like a waste to put the dining table with the fireplace?)

Opt 3: labeled sunroom (also seems like a waste since that room is so bright and I think it would be better used with a couch/loveseat?)

(I wish the house was wide enough that I could put kitchen/dining/living all in a row! But it won't fit in the current dimensions)

Our living/family room (sofa/TV)

Opt 1: labeled living room

Opt 2: labeled family room

Opt 3: labeled dining room (seems weird to put it outside of the open rooms but we'd only use it for watching TV and maybe with a pull-out sofa could be an extra guest area)

Our playroom:

Opt 1: labeled sunroom

Opt 2: labeled living room

Opt 3: labeled dining room

Art room/sitting room:

Opt 1: labeled sunroom

Opt 2: labeled living room

Opt 3: labeled dining room

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